Singing lessons in Barcelona and Spain

The singing lessons vocal help you live without your voice and your breathing, to express and communicate more, revealing everything you are.
Beyond make your voice with your current machine, our singing lessons offer a deep voice transformation: your voice anchors in your belly, your body and release verticalize. And reveal your true voice.
These singing lessons are very effective to learn to sing or improve your singing voice and solve conditions (aphonia, ...).

Personal development and inner growth:

Our singing lessons with Serge Wilfart method frees you from physical and psychological tensions that slow down your breathing and your voice. Coming to your voice, you have yourself. We invite you to read further in the section on personal development and personal growth.

Next singing classes and singing seminars in Barcelona and Madrid:

We offer monthly singing seminars in Barcelona and Madrid, as well as weekly classes in Barcelona and in La Garriga (Barcelona). Please consult the Spanish version of the "Calendar" page to see these dates.
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